Seller Services

At Point Waterfront Realty we want to give you as a property owner peace of mind when selling your property. That is why we offer a number of services to ensure that everything will run smoothly and efficiently.

Our services vary depending on your individual needs as a client.

We offer expert property evaluation on any property to be sold, and are happy to assist! We do our utmost to ensure that we help you with every step of the sale, and are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

When selling a property, we market it via various online channels apart from our own website, and showcase them in our office showroom to really try and get the best possible outcome for every property!



Landlord Services

When letting out a property, there is always risk involved. At Point Waterfront Realty we want to make sure that the risk taken when letting out an apartment is kept to a bare minimum.

We thoroughly screen all potential tenants before handing over an apartment. We do credit worthiness checks, request bank statements, pay slips and also request a reference letter from previous landlords!

We want to make sure that tenants are reliable and in a good stead and in doing the above mentioned checks and presenting Landlords with such information, we reduce risk taken considerably and give Landlords assurance that everything will be in order.


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