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12th June, 2017


The exciting Point Waterfront Precinct development node, in Durban, South Africa, is now guaranteed to burst into life in the later half of this year ……..

The future developments are already on the drawing boards and nearing finalisation …

It is time to welcome the cities magnificent, bright new future ….
….. which will put the Point Waterfront & the city of Durban, squarely on the international map …….


Two important new Durban Point Waterfront development milestones have recently been announced in the media.

These include the Cruise Line Terminal announcement, plus the announcement that the watersports clubs have been given their notice to vacate their current premises, so that the Durban Point Development Company (DPDC) can start construction, before the end of the year, of the new beachfront promenade, which will extend from uShaka to the harbour entrance.

Importantly, the construction of the new promenade includes the watersport clubs brand new premises, which will be developed right on the beach, under the magnificent new promenade.

These two exciting, important announcements, herald the beginning of a whole new era for the Point Waterfront, which is now starting to gain impetus, which will result in the property prices in the Durban Point Waterfront Precinct, starting to escalate.

9th June, 2017

Notice to all DUC Members

9th June 2017

Dear All,

Yesterday, Cuane Hall (DUC Chairman), together with senior representatives of the PYC and DSBC attended a meeting called by Soban Baabu, representing the DPDC (Durban Point Development Company).

Also in attendance was Nic Steyn who is Chairman of the DPWMA (Durban Point Water Management Association).This is a separate company that manages the functionality at the Point such as security, cleanliness, and many other issues of the area.

At the meeting the DPDC served notice on all three clubs giving us two months notice to vacate all the premises that we currently occupy.

Originally, the plan was for the DUC and PYC to relocate to the DSBC until such time as the promenade was sufficiently completed for the three clubs to consolidate into the PWC (Point Water Sports Club), and set up beneath the promenade. Just as a reminder we would have 180 metres of beach frontage and a width of 35 metres.

However, on the revised plans for the construction of the promenade and new clubhouse, the set back line for the construction of the promenade runs through the centre of the DSBC admin office, and this has put DSBC in the same position as both DUC and PYC. The reality is that all three clubs must move to a temporary site while the new clubhouse is built.

In anticipation of the new plan, the DPDC have offered us a temporary solution and that is all three clubs will relocate to the area that is in the vicinity of the Pump Station (the three tented roof building on the north pier). This means our one boundary will be the North Pier, we will look into the harbour entrance. The other boundary will be going back towards the NSRI building along the road, and of course the front boundary will be the beach itself.

This whole area is around 10,000 square metres, and is in fact bigger than the area all three clubs occupy at present.

This means we will set up temporary accommodation and club house for about 2 years before moving into our final home under the promenade.

As you can imagine there is a lot of detail to sort out, but more of that later.

In the mean time here are some answers to questions that will be on our minds:

1. Will we be able to launch boats. Yes, the access road to the beach will be on the south side of the pumping station. It will be business as usual.

2. Will our families be allowed access to the beach? Yes, business as usual

3. Will there be enough secure parking as we enjoy at the moment? Yes, in fact more.

However this all depends on, that we as a club, together with the other two clubs, accepting the conditions of the lease regarding our temporary accommodation and the second lease relating to our home under the promenade, on a permanent basis.

We are having our legal representatives looking at this detail now, and we will call a Special General Meeting as soon as possible to share the detail and get your feedback.

In going forward please remember this is your club, and your involvement in the process is critical to an outcome that has your blessing.

Your committee is up to the task, and ready to make things happen with your input!


Cuane Hall

DUC Chaiman


31st May, 2017


20th September, 2016

Herewith below, the important notice from the Durban Point Waterfront Management Association (DPWMA), sent out to all residents, owners and tenants, confirming that the installation of the bulk services to all the undeveloped sites within the Point Waterfront Precinct, has now in fact started and that construction will be ongoing for the next 12 months.

Completion of this all-important, Precinct development infrastructure, should happen sometime around August 2017. 

These timelines were very close to the timelines that were issued, in Apirl 2016, when confirmation of the precinct development was announced.

This was most encouraging because it confirmed that the long awaited development program for the Durban Point Waterfront had begun!!!!!!

Herewith below the confirmation letter from the DPWMA confirming the above:


Sent: Tuesday, September 20, 2016 1:28 PM

Subject: FW: Communication

Dear All

Please forward to residents, owners, tenants, etc.

  1. Road Closures.  In terms of the new developments within the Point, certain partial road closures will apply in Mahatma Gandhi Street along the harbour entrance to facilitate the infrastructure installation..  Only partial road closures will apply and two-way traffic will remain for the duration of the project that will continue until May 2017.  During the same period, partial road closures will apply in Camperdown Street, starting in the service road between uShaka and the parking area.  A separate Traffic Management plan will be circulated prior to the December holidays. 


Neels de Bruin (CFS)  l Manager

Waterfront Management Association





2nd April, 2016

Read about one of the MOST IMPORTANT announcements, which confirmed that all the approvals for the Point Waterfront Precinct development zone, were in place and that construction of this WORLD CLASS development – would begin in August 2016!!!!

Follow this link to read more  …… “Its all systems go for the Point Waterfront”

A brand new international skyline for Durban and the Point Waterfront precinct.

The Malaysian property development company UEM Sunrise, which together with the Durban Municipality, owns all the unsold land within the Precinct, has made great strides in designing a truly world class new “master plan” for the Precinct ………… ……. and they have not stopped there!!!

On an even bigger scale, the new “master plan” includes a new urban design for Durban, which is part of the regeneration plan for the inner city (see ), with the Point Waterfront being the hub of this bold new master plan.

This valuable, relatively new, Point Waterfront development node is sandwiched between glorious beaches, a busy harbour entrance, the Durban harbour, (the second busiest harbour in Africa) and the city of Durban ……..  and it will, within the next 7 years, become THE MOST SOUGHT AFTER address in South Africa, for international and local property investors alike!!!!

There is already a popular Water Park and Marine World, (which is completed and fully operational) within the new precinct, plus a wonderful system of seawater canals, (complete with its own vibrant & diverse marine eco-system), which meanders through the middle of the Precinct.

A delegation from the city and UEM travelled to Los Angeles in late 2015, to present the uShaka Marine World site as a location for the first Universal Studios to be developed in Africa.

This meeting went exceptionally well and subject to a detailed feasibility study, Universal have indicated that they would seriously consider incorporating the current uShaka Marine World, which is one of the best Marine Parks in the world, into a new Universal Studios right here in Durban!!!

What comes next could be mind-boggling!!!!!

Durban’s Point Waterfront Precinct sandwiched between the glorious beaches, the harbour & the cruise line terminal.


Cruise Liner Terminal Announment – 31st May, 2017

Portnet, the government owned portal, which manages and controls the Durban harbour, announced that MSC Cruises SA and its black empowerment partner, Africa Armada Consortium – will inject R215 million into the cities cruise industry, for the construction of their new Cruise Liner Terminal, in the harbour section behind the Precinct, which is right on the new Point Waterfront Precincts’ doorstep.

MSC, Africa Armada and Portnet’s plans include the construction of the Ocean Liner Terminal, which will include conferencing facilities, retail shops, restaurants and obviously, the passenger liner facilities. (see Mercury news article under “Important News Headlines” above)

Shopping Mall & International Resort Hotel

There are two prime beachfront properties, within the precinct, that are currently for sale. These two properties comprise approximately 102,000 square meters of available bulk.

The one multi-storey development site, has been earmarked for a 48,000 m2 triple storey, international shopping mall site, while the other beachfront site, which has a height limit of 39 storeys and an associated development bulk of 54,000 m2 of bulk, has been earmarked for a 5 to 6 star beachfront resort hotel.

The new shopping mall and hotel, will both be positioned right next to the current uShaka Marine World, and the shopping mall will link directly to this popular destination, via a series of walkways, making it even more valuable!!!

Shopping Mall & International Resort Hotel – FINAL NEGOTIATIONS

The really exciting news is that the DPDC is in the final negotiation stage, for the purchase of the associated bulk for both the hotel and the shopping mall sites.

The consortium that they have been negotiating with, is a local consortium, who have also managed to secured a major international hotel group, to run and manage the 39 storey hotel site.

It has been disclosed to me that the initial total development cost of this international shopping mall and the 5 star hotel, has been estimated at around R2,5 billion.

It is further understood that the DPDC anticipate the conclusion if the negotiations shortly and that the new designs for the magnificent major international hotel and the new shopping mall should be announced within the very near future.


The Durban Point Waterfronts’ original zoning restrictions were as follows:

  • Total permissible development bulk – 575,000 m2
  • Maximum permissible heights – 15 storeys
  • Zone 1 & zone 2 mixed use development


DPDC’s new vision for the Point Waterfront incorporates the expansion of the old development plans to now allow for the introduction of magnificent, world-class, new high-rise residential developments, similar to those found in Asia, Dubai and other world-class, international destinations.

DPDC’s new vision and the final approvals include the following:

  • multiple, modern, high rise residential & office buildings, which will tower over the current developments, will grace the prized beachfront strip between the harbour entrance and the uShaka Marine World and introduce a whole new sky line for the beachfront and the city of Durban;
  • one magnificent & iconic “super high rise” 55 storey, mixed use development, will be developed at the entrance to the harbour;
  • a new 48,000 m2 international shopping mall & a 5 star plus, internationally branded hotel will emerge on the prized beachfront land next to uShaka, with the international mall, linking itself to the entertainment & marine park;
  • retention of the current expanse of public beach;
  • extension of the current promenade to the harbour mouth;
  • all the watersports clubs will be positioned right on the beach, offering watersports to locals and international tourists alike;

To achieve the above vision, the municipality, granted the following re-zoning approvals for the Precinct, on the 28th November, 2015:

  • An increase in the total permissible development bulk to 650,000 m2, with an allowance for a further increase of another 100,000 m2, increasing the bulk to a maximum of 750,000 m2, which additional bulk shall be subject to the construction of an additional road, leading into the Waterfront Precinct.
  • An increase in maximum permissible height of specific structures, with the maximum height of one building, being 55 storeys.

Now that final approvals for the new development zoning have been approved and ratified, the developers have indicated that installation of the bulk services for all the undeveloped sites, and construction of the new Point Waterfront Precinct, beachfront promenade, will begin in the second half of 2017.

A brand new raised beachfront promenade for Durban & the Point Waterfront Precinct can be clearly seen here, in front of the proposed new high-rise residential developments.

DPDC’s wonderful vision, will herald an exciting new era for the Durban Point Waterfront, for Durban and the whole of KZN!!!

To find out more about UEM Sunrise, the municipalities partner in the DPDC project, what magnificent waterfront developments this vibrant and forward thinking company has already undertaken and what else this diverse company has accomplished, go to the following link

I have sourced the following articles which further corroborates the information shared with you in this update.

DAILY NEWS ARTICLE - Follow this link:




14th October, 2015. The Natal Mercury.

Durban - A multi-billion-rand plan to revamp the former Victoria Embankment as a tourist playground was revealed in Durban on the 14th October, 2015.

KwaZulu-Natal Premier Senzo Mchunu said that the 10-year project was in sync with a further R25-billion earmarked for the Point Waterfont development, including a makeover of the ageing passenger terminal.

Follow Link for more information: KZN eyes another tourist#84ADED




The Point Waterfront will lead the way to a whole new rejuvenation of the city ......... to understand how the anticipated new Waterfront developments will pave the way for the upliftment of Durban, click on the link below, to read the attached News article, circulated on the 9th September, 2015.

Follow Link for more information:



With the local front-page headlines trumpeting the ‘all systems go’ for the final plan and layout of the exciting new Waterfront Development and the fact that construction of the additional essential bulk services in Mahatma Ghandi road, (which need to be added to cater for the new developments) is well under way and that further construction of the bulk services for the land next to the harbor entrance has now also begun, the Point Waterfront Precincts’ time has finally arrived!!!

Furthermore, as mentioned above, the construction of the extension to the beachfront promenade from uShaka to the harbour entrance, as well as the construction of the new Durban Watersports Club’s premises, which will be situated under this new beachfront promenade, will start shortly. 

The doors have, after 10 years of protracted negotiations, now finally been opened and there are a number of AAA property investment opportunities for those with the resources, the vision and the appetite.

The timing could not be more perfect, for private investors and Venture Capitalists to take advantage of this opportunity now and to purchase one of the residential apartments or commercial properties that are currently available for sale, within the point Waterfront Precinct, at really low prices!!

NB. We currently have apartments priced from only R12,000 / sqm to R16,000 / sqm, which are prices that were being achieved 10 years ago.  It must be noted that when the planned new apartment developments are launched next year, they will be priced at the same apartment prices that the recently launched “Oceans” residential development in Umhlanga Rocks, just north on Durban, achieved. The prices they achieved were between R35,000 / sqm to R50,000 / sqm. 

With the imminent commencement of construction of the Point Waterfront’s first new development projects, including the 50,000 m2 international shopping mall, the new Taj 4 star & 5 star, 39 storey, international hotel, which should start early next year …….

is it not the time to stake your claim and secure your own investment opportunity!!!!

The iron is now hot ..... and it is time to strike!!!

Please feel free to contact Craig at Point Waterfront Realty, to find out more about the DPDC’s exciting new vision and what is coming.

Cell. 079 – 871 3838

Do not miss out .. contact us now to secure your place in the exciting new Waterfront !!!


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